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About Us

Our Mission/Vision
The Mission/Vision of the Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma is to offer affordable, high quality care to our patients through comprehensive services.

What is a Community Health Center?
Community Health Centers are providers of primary health care to medically under-served populations. Community Health Centers focus not only on improving the health of individual patients, but on improving the health status of the entire community. We are a public, non-profit organization that receives federal funding to provide these services to all individuals regardless of ability to pay.

Who can use a Community Health Center?
Anyone can use a community health center. We file private insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, Soonercare, and most other insurances are accepted. However, for those with no insurances, a fee will be based on a sliding scale according to income.

Patient Centered Medical Home?
Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma, as a medical home, is responsible for continuous care which is facilitated by a physician-led, care team approach, to healthcare. A care team is responsible for coordinating and managing care of the patient. Through process patient will choose Doctor of Record, Doctor of Record can be changed at any time.
FHCSO medical home responsibilities:

  • Improving primary care
  • Coordinate and track care
  • Work in teams
  • Chronic condition management
  • Preventative health counseling
  • Improving health outcomes through evidence based guidelines
  • Provide comprehensive care that considers the "whole person"
  • Provide advice on how to communicate with the care team
  • Provide clinical advice during and after business hours

Language Barriers?
Language barriers compromise the quality of health care for Limited English Proficient individuals. The clinic prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. FHCSO provides Limited English Proficient individuals equal and meaningful access to their services by providing language assistance at no cost to the individual. The clinic provides interpretation (verbal) and translation (written) services to all clinical programs and services, to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and LEP or deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing patients and their families.

Performance Improvement
FHCSO strives to improve in everything we do. As part of that mission, we have regular performance improvement meetings. Here are the results of our performance improvement initiatives. Click Here

Governing Board
FHCSO's governing board is assembled to be representative of the population utilizing the services provided. Our current board membership is as follows:

  • Dick Sowder - President
  • Seigel Paul Heffington - Secretary
  • Fran Morrell
  • Janie Pennington-Cagle
  • Tom Winkler
  • Wanda Kelly
  • Gary McDonald
  • Merritt Taylor
  • Daniel Ibarra

Joining the Governing Board
Are you interested in joining the governing board of FHCSO? If so, please fill out a Board Profile and return it to us.

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